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Welcome to the Steiger Clock Shop Online

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Duane Steiger, owner of the Steiger Clock Shop, has been servicing clocks for 40 years from his shop near Spring Mills, Pennsylvania, about 15 miles from State College.  He has also built several grandfather clocks from scratch, performed nearly every kind of clock repair imaginable, and he does the majority of the bench work for our customers.

Keith Doster, Duane's apprentice since 2009, works from his home in rural Huntingdon County, just south of State College.  He sets up, repairs and maintains Grandfather and Grandmother clocks in customers' homes, and performs bench repairs for other clocks.  Our service area includes State College, Altoona, Huntingdon and the surrounding areas.  Both Duane and Keith are members of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors.

Answering your questions

If your clock isn't working, or if you've purchased a new grandfather clock that needs to be set up in your home, or if your clock needs to be restored to its former glory, we can help.  We can service virtually any clock need you have.  You may call or click on the Contact Us tab to send us an email.


Estimates are always free unless travel outside the State College area is involved.  There are often unforeseen issues that affect how a clock runs or doesn't run.  In order to get an accurate estimate of what it will take to get your favorite horological heirloom operating again, we need to see it.  To get an idea of our repair rates, go to the Fee Schedule tab at the top of the page.  To visit either location, please call to schedule an appointment.

ST Crystal RegulatorClocks for purchase

The Steiger Clock Shop does not sell new clocks.  But we occasionally have a limited number of used clocks for sale which will be posted on this web site under the For Sale tab.  If you're looking for a particular clock, we may be able to help you find it.  Give us a call at either number or send us an email from the Contact Us page.

Selling your clock

If you have a clock you would like to sell, we may be able to help you find a buyer for a small finder's fee.  Or we may be interested in purchasing it ourselves!  This applies only to clocks brought to one of our shops for a thorough inspection.

Two Locations:

Duane Steiger
796 Upper Georges Valley Road
Spring Mills, PA 16875
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Keith Doster
10333 Greenwood Road
Huntingdon, PA 16652